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Apollo's most favourite season!

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

I think it is probably right and expected that, as this is my first blog post, I should introduce myself and the herd to you, but in all honesty, that can wait. Precedence must be given to APPLE SEASON! Without a doubt this is one of my most favourite times of year. As a very sophisticated alpaca, I have a highly developed palate and a unmatched love of apples. Living in South West England means that I am in good company in my apple admiration. I am in cider country, and apples are a staple here.

At this time of year, the trees are laden. Hanging with delicious, sometimes forbidden fruit. It is not always easy for me to reach all the apples that I want, but being a long necked creature does come in handy!

Apples ripe and ready for picking

What I love most though, is that the good people of Painswick, where I live, pop little boxes of apples at the end of their paths and when I am out for a wander around

the village I am able to just help myself!....that is Stanley by the way, my keeper's hound - more about him another time. (eye roll!)

Stanley wondering if he likes apples

Anyway it is glorious, more than glorious, it is heavenly! Apple juice dripping off my chin, I smile and gobble and smile and gobble some more. Little makes me happier. It is the season to be glutonously indulgent in the certain knowledge that my growing fleece will hide my inevitably expanding waistline and that I will have worked the chub off by spring!

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Anne-Marie Randall
Anne-Marie Randall
Sep 20, 2023

We love you Apollo ❤️

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