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Dumbledore and I go to Painswick's Goodwill Evening

One of the most exciting evenings of the year in our village, Painswick, is the Goodwill event. We knew it was happening when Sandie (our keeper) arrived with pompoms to dress us up. Dumbledore (our herd leader) and I were chosen to go, we were soooooo excited. Our lovely neighbour Karen came into the field to help us get up to the village and we walked to a special pen that Sandie had made for us. It was really big and we had hay and water, so we were happy there.

We hadn't been there long when people started to arrive, lots and lots of people. I was so happy to see everyone and to give gentle kisses to anyone who wanted one. We posed for photographs and felt very proud of ourselves in our lovely outfits. There were lots of children who were very excited to see us. It is wonderful that people like us so much - to us we are just alpacas, but the people we meet make us feel very special!

Sandie stayed with us all evening and made us feel safe. When we were tired she said that we had done very well and that it was time to go home. We skipped off down the hill keen to be back with our brothers. This is a picture of Dumbledore looking amazing!

lots of love

Apollo x

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